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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

We’ve been watching the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution show on TV.  I had heard about it before, but when we saw Ryan Seacrest and Jamie Oliver on the Oprah Winfrey Show and thought that we just had to record it.  So, I have no idea when it’s on, but we watch it when it’s recorded.

I was impressed with the premise of the show, and during the Oprah show, they talked a bit about what Jamie Oliver did with the school lunch problems in England, and it seemed that he was largely successful there.  Since we have a 13 year old son in Middle School, the issues with the school lunches were quite familiar.  My son told me a while ago that he gets pizza twice a week from a local pizza place.  Now I know that pizza can be the worlds most perfect food, but having a choice between cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza doesn’t seem like the most nutritious meal to be having twice a week.  So, I was really interested in finding out the problems that they had in West Virginia and how Jamie would deal with them.

Apparently that part of West Virginia is home to some of the unhealthiest people in America according to a Center for Disease Control report in 2008, and that’s why Jamie Oliver decided to bring his Food Revolution there first.  His overall goal though is to revamp school food programs across the entire nation.  In my opinion, that is a revolution that is long overdue.  I really hope that he’s successful in this endeavor, though I’m not sure that he’s very familiar with American politics and small town issues.

I especially like the interaction between Jamie and the school cooks because at one point in my life, I worked for a school district, so I have some idea of the personnel issues and egos involved with school districts in America.  The bizarre federal mandates and guidelines also bring back memories of the Reagan years when there was a big todo about Ketchup or Catsup being called a vegetable for the school lunch programs.   Though I had forgotten the details, apparently ketchup and fries won, and now count as two servings of veggies!  That really is a travesty of the biggest kind, and is something that needs to change.

Since Jamie Oliver was the driving force behind the changes in England’s school lunch program – despite fierce opposition, I’m cautiously optimistic that between Jamie Oliver and our current administration, the federal guidelines for school lunch programs might be ripe for reform.

In any case, Friday nights on ABC, Jamie Olivers Food Revolution is on, so check it out!

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