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Health and Attendance Benefits of Jamie Oliver’s improved school lunch program

Jamie Oliver’s “Feed me Better” campaign has been reported to have improved school attendance by 15 percent in English schoolchildren, and also improved English and Science scores by around 5 percent, according to a study by Oxford and Essex Universities in England.

Some critics have suggested that the improvement may be due to the fact that the schools in question were subjected to more scrutiny and increased attention, which led to the children becoming more interested in going to school, however it seems to me that this might explain the increase in attendance, it doesn’t really explain the increase in scores, unless there is a direct correlation between going to school and improving scores.

My thought is that the improvements are not due to any one thing, and may have been improved by the TV cameras, but the improved school lunches, increased attendance, and increased caring about school probably all combined to create a better place for the children to learn.  Isn’t that the way it should be everywhere?

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