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Jamie Oliver's Mexican Food

I stayed home sick from work today, but was tasked with making dinner anyhow.  I thought I’d do a quick search to see if Jamie Oliver had any interesting recipes that had a Mexican flavor.  I was able to find one recipe, for quesadillas, but it didn’t stand out very much – it seemed like pretty much any other quesadilla, but with English words for things – here in Cali we call it Cilantro, not Coriander, etc.

I thought about it for a bit, and came to the conclusion that while Jamie might not have a wide array of Mexican recipes, I could still use his Food Revolution ideals to make the best Mexican dinner that I could come up with myself.

I wouldn’t call my recipe entirely successful.  Not that it wasn’t flavorful, or appealing to the eye, but it probably wasn’t what everyone thinks of when you say real fresh food.  I basically made an Enchilada casserole, with some home smoked pork, a layer of leftover wild rice mix, corn tortillas, onion, black olives, Monterey Jack cheese, and a large can of medium, green enchilada sauce.  What can I say,  tomatillas aren’t in season quite yet!

Once they are in season, I’ll be lacking in excuses for making the entire thing from scratch.  I’ve had a lot of luck with the Chili’s fresh Mex Cookbook – that’s my goto Mexican recipe book.  They also pride themselves on making everything fresh, every day.

Ack! Now that I think about it, we have a couple of pounds of masa harina in the cupboard.  I could have actually made the tortillas from scratch!  I’ll blame the lack of freshness on being ill.

So basically I’m telling you to try something new on your own! Do it!

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1 comment to Jamie Oliver’s Mexican Food

  • Miss Julie

    Sounds delicious! I just came back from mexico last year and find myself addicted to these incredible enchilada recipes now!! Must go back next year sometime, I suppose, and this time head off of the beaten path a little. Looking to reading more!

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