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Is The Food Revolution Over?

All, I got an email the other day which basically informed me that this Friday’s episode (tonite) was going to be the last episode for the season – oh noes!

To me it seems like this season has gone by much too quickly, and there is still so much to do in Huntington, WV, not to mention the rest of the US, so I really don’t think that the timing on this is very good.  Even if there were 5 more episodes, there really needs to be more to the show than just attempting to fix one town’s eating habits.

I’m sure that it got a lot of press in West Virginia, but if the goal is really to change all of America, then I really think that Jamie Oliver and Ryan Seacrest need to rethink their battle plan.  It’s going to take more than 8-10 episodes of a Friday night TV show to get Americans off their asses.

The issue needs to be brought up in every school district in America, goals need to be set, challenges need to be made, an entire plan of action for everyone in the health field and everyone who has children needs to be created, implemented, and fought for.

I’ve worked in a school district before, so I have a bit of understanding about what it’s really going to take, and it’s going to take an extra effort in places like California and New York, where there are significant budget issues.

In any case, I guess I really hope that Change is in the air.  I think that this President is one who could really get behind this movement and this might be yet another legacy that President Obama leaves behind – or at least it could be.

In any case, I urge everyone to sign the petition on Jamie Oliver’s website in order to help start the process of change.



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