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Beet Root Salad

I saw a post on Jamie Oliver’s website that was a recipe for beet salad, but most of the comments were about the lack of salad dressing recipe, and there was no info on how to cook the beets, so I thought I’d share what I made yesterday.

Beet Root Salad with Goat Cheese and Mapled Walnuts

8 beets – I cut the tops off, peeled them, cut them in half, and boiled them in a pot of water that just covered them – 20-30 min – until tender.  I used 4 red beets and 4 golden beets.  My son noticed that the golden beets had a slightly bitter aftertaste – I agreed – but in the salad it wasn’t an issue.

While the beets cook

Beet Root Salad

One version of Beet Root Salad

make the walnuts – 1/2C toasted walnuts – after toasting, coat with 3-5 TBSP real maple syrup

After the beets have cooled, chop into bite sized morsels.

3-4 cups mixed greens


1C orange juice – cook til reduced by half – or just use 1/2 C OJ Concentrate

add 1/4-1/2 C Balsamic vinegar – cook about 5 more min and taste – if it needs sweetened – add OJ, if it needs sour, add vinegar.

1/2-1C Goat Cheese

Mix the beets and greens together.  For presentation, top with nuts and goat cheese – i cut my goat cheese off a loaf with a knife to make nice big chunks.

I let people pour their own salad dressing.


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1 comment to Beet Root Salad

  • Jammy

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe for making beet root salad. The dish (beet root salad) indeed seems yummy to me (has walnuts and cheese) and is easy to prepare. I am definitely going to prepare it. Look forward to more such recipes in future too.

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