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Jeffrey Steingarten is my hero

Ever since I read “The Man Who Ate Everything” I’ve loved Jeffrey Steingarten.  Anyone who thinks that the world’s most perfect food is a Mcdonalds French Fry cooked in lard must know something about cooking.  Sure he’s won awards for his writing in Vogue and his book was a best seller, but I think that what he’s doing now on Iron Chef America is also making his body of work more important than ever.

On Iron Chef America, I love how they tend to put Jeffrey Steingarten together with that smarmy prick editor of Bon Appetit, Andrew Knowlton.  Jeffrey always seems to disagree with Andrew just because he can.  No matter what Andrew says, Jeffrey either disagrees, argues about semantics, or completely dismisses Andrew’s opinion.  I love it!

Knowlton has always come across as a whiny, pretentious, demi-model who probably isn’t fit to lick the sweat out of Cat Cora’s shoes.  I’ve never heard any credentials mentioned except for editor at Bon Appetit, which I suppose ought to mean something, but I’ve always thought that for being a no talent critic, he ought to have a modicum of humility.  Which is why I thank my lucky stars when Jeffrey Steingarten and he are paired up.  Smarmy boy always gets the smackdown.

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