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Grocery Store Pizza

We were feeling lazy last night, and our local grocery store had a 2 for 1 pizza for 7.99. The only pizzas they had were cheese, but that’s fine, because I always just get cheese pizza and then put my own toppings on. So, last night we had pizza with cheese, some pepperoni that I had purchased a week or two ago, additional mozzarella cheese, some Parmesan cheese, and I had found some dried Shitake mushrooms in the cupboard, so I reconstituted them, pressed out the water, sliced them up and put them on the pizza too.

I used the leftover mushrooms and mushroom water to help make rice. I put the rice in the rice maker, poured the water in – was about a cup, then took the leftover mushrooms and diced them and threw them in too. Added a cup more of water and let it go.

We were so full after the pizza though, that we didn’t get to try the rice. So I need to figure out what to make with mushroom rice for dinner.

I’m thinking something like grilled chicken with a creamy mushroom rice. I may add some half n half to make the rice creamy and make it more delicious.

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1 comment to Grocery Store Pizza

  • Johnresa

    The pizza in my local grocery store is not very tasty so it is nice to see what someone else does to make it taste better. I will definitely try this in the future because I find that store bought pizza tends to taste like cardboard. I am a mushroom lover so adding mushrooms to the pizza sounds fabulous. The rice sounds good too. I would have that rice with some grilled pork chops.

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