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Jamie Oliver and his Homes

Recognized as one of Britain’s wealthiest people, the celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver has grown a staggering personal fortune of £65 million this year from an equably incredible £40 million last year according to the Sunday Time’s Rich List in which he ranked 967th.
But even without knowing his fortune, his properties might have probably given people a hint on how rich this Naked Chef could be. For the past eight years, Oliver has been investing to properties other than restaurants.

In 2002, he bought for £850,000 a Grade II-listed 16th-century Jacobean mansion located in the Essex coast which has a swimming pool and boating lake. This had been the Olivers’ rural alternative before he sold his £1.7 million home in Hampstead because of some noisy pub drinkers disturbing his slumbers in the middle of the night by crying out requests for bacon sandwiches.

After selling his Hampstead home, he bought a £3 million house and added the next door last year to build his family’s dream superhome. The multi-millionaire chef whipped up a £7.5 million 19-room mansion in Primrose Hill, one of the most notable urban villages in North London, England because of its prominent residents. Instead of moving to a bigger home for his new baby Petal Blossom Rainbow as the original plan, he and Jools, his wife, decided to expand the property and turn it into the home of their dreams. They planned to spend £500,000 for the construction and renovations. They planned to make the next door match their original property, which include replacing a wooden balustrade with a cast-iron one and changing several windows. They wanted a giant reception room and a dressing area for each of them.
Now that they are expecting a baby once again this September, should they be knocking down another neighbor for this one?

Meanwhile, he also has country home in Saffron Walden, Essex that recently has been the set for some of his television shows and YouTube videos. And now that he has started introducing gardening for home-grown ingredients, he goes to share his garden in this farm house, along with his trusted gardener. Last December, he brought his family to this country home to spend white Christmas and to have a winter wonderland walk during the New Year’s Eve.

Well, despite being a $65 million-worth chef, Jamie Oliver has told news that he has less in the bank than he did ten years ago. He has given much to his foundation and food empire in the face of a global credit crunch that he went to borrow small amount of money from family and friends.

In the BBC interview, he even said that “Ultimately, genuinely, I’ve got everything I want. I don’t want a massive mansion in the country. I’ve got my farmhouse with a bit of land, and that’s all I need.”
Presently, the Olivers just spend most of their time in their Primrose Hill home, and their Essex country house.

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  • kavi

    i would like this story why i like means way of provide the article.
    they told celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver. it is so nice
    they explain that how sell or dought

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