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How Jamie Oliver Colors His World

The famous English chef Jamie Oliver has always overwhelmed us with his colorful recipes as well as his bright ideas on how to have good home-cooked food and how we can have a healthy lifestyle. Although his campaigns have grown in number and so as the support he’s gotten, he still has a lot of critics to bombard him with low spirits. But why can this Naked Chef still smile and put up a choppy smile?
Jamie Oliver’s favorite colors can be one thing. He likes pinks, blues, lovely pastels and bright colors for the simple reason that these colors make him happy.

In color psychology, bright colors are visually and psychologically compelling, one reason why his campaigns’ websites are vibrant and quite inviting. Pastels on the other hand are calm, gentle, and non-threatening or non-aggressive. If you check his main website you’ll find out how reassuring pastel colors would appear like. The web pages have pink, blue, green, yellow, and other pastels that make the site look friendly and unintimidating.

The Essex-born chef is consistent with his choice of colors as a cooking guru and an entrepreneur. His restaurants and shops are in pinks such as Fifteen, in neon pink, and Recipease, in pastel pink. The Jamie’s Italian and Jamie magazine websites which are integrated to his main website have pleasing pastel colors while Jamie at Home, his party plan business, has cool shades of blue.
Oliver and his wife, Jools’ dream home located in the upmarket North London neighborhood of Primrose Hill is painted in bright canary yellow making his home stunning though not overly spellbinding.

Apparently, his fondness in these colors manifests to his daughters’ names too which were taken from colorful objects especially from flowers. Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, and Petal Blossom Rainbow, his daughters, were all named after flowers of such vibrant colors and virtues. His favorite colors seem to make him not just a happy man but a happy father also.

When it comes to his clothes, he’s undeniably into cool and calm colors. You can find him wearing denim or brightly colored shirts. His student-fashion style and color choice make him appear a lot friendlier with his cheeky-choppy features. And as a restaurateur, his restaurants’ staffs also wear denim blue striped aprons over traditional white chef coats as uniform. He really does much to share the optimism he has not only to his family but to his colleagues as well.

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