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Jamie Oliver in 2010

From the birth of “The Naked Chef” to a “Food Revolution”, the impassioned chef and well-known TV personality Jamie Oliver does not seem to run out of TV shows. During the first half of the year, Chef Jamie Oliver has already completed all episodes of his two new television series, which sets are not in his home kitchen anymore.

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” one of his newest six-part series had its premier in the United States on March 26 at ABC. The reality TV show, in which he went to Huntington, West Virginia – also regarded as the unhealthiest city in America, has been one of America’s favorite reality show as the Naked Chef struggled in his campaign for a healthier America through a ‘food revolution’ in Huntington.

After having started his revolution in the United States, for his other show, he went to different countries not very far from his home UK. In his travels, the cheeky choppy chef learns about their local culinary culture while putting his ‘own unique spin’ on their celebrated dishes in the process.
The TV series entitled, “Jamie does…” aired its first episode in April 14 at Channel 4, just a few weeks before the controversial reality show he co-produced with Ryan Seacrest “Jamie’s Food Revolution” released its final episode. The show “Jamie does….” had already aired all six episodes by the end of May. The hit TV series featured his very first trip to Marrakesh (Episode 1), a bullfight training in Andalucía (Episode 2), Swedish cooking in Stockholm (Episode 3), the lady prisoners in Guidecca in Venice(Episode 4), his truffle-hunting in French Pyrenees (Episode 5), and hilarious bee stories from local beekeepers he met in Athens, Greece (Episode 6 – last episode).

The show has ended just recently and there still no news about any new shows coming up for him this year. However, we still have much to expect from Jamie Oliver in 2010. Having starred in over 16 TV shows in the past ten years, Jamie Oliver has proven that he still has the charm to fascinate TV audience with great shows whether people like his personality and his anti-obesity campaigns or not.

Speaking of his campaigns, Jamie Oliver has been very busy with them ever since he started his charity venture in 2002 with his Fifteen London restaurant and the Fifteen Foundation Charity, which helps young disadvantaged people to train for a good career in the catering industry.
Other than his Fifteen Foundation, he has three more campaigns that are definitely on the list of his top priorities this year. The latest addition to his campaigns was his ‘Food Revolution’ for the United States, which has gotten its inspiration from his other ongoing campaigns, “Ministry of Food” (started in 2008) and “School Dinners” (in 2004).

Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and shops are also expanding extensively despite the credit crunch he had to face this year. He has Jamie’s Italian restaurant, Fifteen Restaurants, Jamie At Home party plan business, Recipease kitchen shop, authored books, and even iPhone applications that will extremely test his chef-entrepreneur skills this year. So what more can we can expect the Naked Chef to do this year?

As a restaurateur, health and nutrition advocate, famous TV personality, and a reputable family man, Jamie Oliver is sure to have a whirlwind this 2010. But at least, he’s already halfway to the finish line!

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