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Jamie Oliver's TV Shows, Part Two

Oliver’s Twist
After gaining much success and popularity in UK, Jamie Oliver decided to produce a show for other countries. He made two series of Oliver’s Twist in 2002, which aired in over 70 countries inviting them to enjoy his twist of simple, good food. The show just like the previous ones became another success for the chef making Oliver more popular than ever.

Jamie’s Kitchen Australia

Jamie Oliver brought the success of his first documentary series to Australia and premiered on September 14 2006 on Network Ten a 10-part TV show Jamie’s Kitchen Australia. With chef Jamie Oliver was his friend Tobie Puttock who helped him train 25 disadvantaged youth to with a bit of luck become part of the staff of Fifteen Melbourne, which Puttock is in charge of establishing.

Jamie’s School Dinners

With all his restaurants and charity work going on in 2005, Jamie Oliver again started an advocacy – to improve Britain’s standard for school meals. He raised public awareness by making a four-part documentary series, Jamie’s School Dinners, in which he signed up as a dinner lady at Kidbrooke School in the London Borough of Greenwich for a year just to show how much the UK government spends for the unhealthy food they serve the children at school. He wanted to show that at the same small amount, children could still enjoy a properly cooked lunch.
In addition, because of Jamie Oliver’s campaign, the government promised to spend £280m on school dinners (spread over 3 years). Oliver received recognition from Tony Blair for Oliver’s campaign and was named “Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005” in the Channel 4 Political Awards 2006. Oliver’s goal subsequently led to a massive campaign called Feed Me Better carrying the same advocacy to improve school dinners throughout Britain, which has gained the support of parents, teachers, children, and a few other governments as well.
The series was recorded between spring to winter of 2004 and was aired on Channel 4 in the UK from February 23 to March 16 2005.

Jamie’s Great Italian Escape

As the title of the show suggests Chef Jamie Oliver took an escape to Italy to have a break after the school dinners project. Jamie’s Great Italian Escape was a six-part travelogue series in which Jamie Oliver traveled around the country to get some inspiration from the people and their food. He took off with his VW camper where a specially built trailer kitchen on its back awaits his pukka recipes. The show first aired on Channel 4 in the UK in October 2005.

Jamie’s Return to School Dinners
A year after Jamie’s School Dinners debuted, the chef returns to Kidbrooke where he started his campaign to see how his crusade is progressing. In September 2006, Jamie’s Return to School Dinners aired on Channel 4 in UK.
The follow-up series revealed the consequences of Jamie’s School Dinners campaign to the people and to small industries involved in the issue mainly because the promised money never came. The result – children began to go back to their unhealthy lunches. So in his response, he organized a ‘Junk Amnesty’ wherein Oliver encouraged children to exchange their unhealthy snacks for tokens to redeem healthier meals at a kiosk he had set up in the playground.
The show also highlighted how Oliver reaches out to other schools and tries to make a difference. He traveled to Lincolnshire and organized a bazaar called ‘Hot Dinners for Imps’ for local schools, suppliers, and caterers in Lincoln Castle where he encouraged connections between parents, schools, and food industry representatives.

Jamie’s Chef
Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation, which started in his show Jamie’s Kitchen, challenges their graduates to get the chance to run their own restaurant. They gathered all their old graduates for a reunion and offered them the chance to establish a restaurant at The Cock, a pub near Braintree in Essex.
The graduates presented their signature dishes and shared their ideas for a restaurant. Among the 50 challengers, the Foundation chose four who had the most potential. The show was a four-part reality series featuring the lucky four put to test in some of London’s most challenging restaurants. It first aired in UK on Channel 4, in January 2007. The winner was Aaron Craze and received a £125,000 loan from the Fifteen Foundation to refurbish the establishment.

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