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Jamie Oliver's TV Shows, part 3

Jamie at Home
Homemade pukka tukka has been Jamie Oliver’s trademark as a TV Chef. However, in his show Jamie at Home, Oliver takes his viewers to his home and to his personal garden where most of his cooking ingredients come from. On this show, he shares more of his home-style cooking and gardening tips.
Jamie at Home airs on the Food Network in the United States. Although you can access Jamie Oliver’s recipes online, only two from each of this show’s episode will appear online and are accessible by US users only, due to some licensing restrictions.
The show first aired on Channel 4 in August 7, 2007. The series had 12 episodes running from August to October followed by a 14-episode series on January to February 2008. Each episode focuses on what you can do with a homegrown ingredient with different variants such as tomatoes, potatoes, etc. It also shows how you can cook different cuts of lamb. The show also encourages people even those who do not have gardens to grow their vegetables in a very easy way with his trusted gardener, Brian Skilton.

Jamie At Home Christmas Special
Chef Jamie Oliver does not let the Christmas season be an excuse for not to use home-style cooking in preparing good food for the celebration. As Christmas evolved from a traditional family feast to a party at a club or at a friend’s house, food preparation for this much-awaited gathering has become a nightmare before Christmas to most families. So to our chef Oliver’s rescue, he puts up a one- hour, one-episode Christmas special of Jamie At Home, to show how to prepare all the traditional favorites without the hassle.
The show first aired in UK on Channel 4 on December 23, 2007 in which some of his friends and mentors including Gennaro Contaldo and Brian Skilton, his gardener, joined him at his home. Other than sharing simple techniques on how to whip up delicious flavors, Oliver gave some advice on how you can serve Christmas dinner for your family by having good selection of ingredients and a well-organized kitchen.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food
Jamie’s Ministry of Food is an ongoing project of Chef Jamie Oliver. It began as a campaign of the pukka chef to inspire people to get back to cooking their food from fresh ingredients. He went to Rotherham, South Yorkshire hoping to make the town, “the culinary capital of the United Kingdom” as some say.
The documentary is a four-part series first aired in September 30 until October 21 of 2008 on Channel 4. The series showed how chef Jamie Oliver urges the town’s people to start cooking real good food and teaches them how they can establish a healthy lifestyle with homemade cooking by ‘passing it on’ to others.
The ‘Pass It On’ campaign as featured in the show encourages one to pass a selection of recipes to family members and friends. Oliver started the campaign by teaching or passing on to a small group of recruits ten simple meals that they could also pass on to others who, in turn, would continue the process of spreading the recipe. In this way, Oliver can get the whole town cooking and eventually start a nationwide campaign.
The Ministry of Food campaign was a success in Rotherham and was then followed on November 2009 in Bradford where the campaign gained support from the government and council. Until now, both food centres offers hands-on lessons in how to cook Jamie Oliver’s quick and simple recipes.

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  • aasaaa

    its was so nice reading it, you really did it very well and i m really pleased thank you very much brother.. for all this what you have done.

  • Khmka

    I really like this healthy food projects u have been doing lately. Specially the one wth bringing healthy food to the school children. Keep up the good work. Am looking forward to new recipes.

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