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Jamie Oliver's TV Shows, Part 4

Jamie Cooks Christmas
Similar to his Christmas Special on his show Jamie At Home, Jamie Cooks Christmas was a one-hour long, one-episode show where Chef Jamie Oliver whips up some of the classic Christmas menu while adding his very own twist to his favorite festive food that people will surely enjoy.
The show first aired in the UK on Channel 4 on December 18 2008. Once again, his friend and former mentor, Gennaro Contaldo with his European cooking, joins Oliver in his kitchen in his Essex home. Here, Oliver shows that even with a tight budget and some lowly leftovers, one can still create an irresistibly delicious and healthy feast for Christmas.

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners
After taking on several food and nutrition campaigns, the cheeky-choppy Chef Jamie Oliver comes out in a suit to host a gala dinner to demonstrate a serious issue on Britain’s most popular meat, the chicken.
Jamie’s Fowl Dinners, which first aired on Channel 4 on January 11, 2008, is a more graphic presentation of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall “Hugh’s Chicken Run,” which also tries to get the British to eat free-range chickens. In the show, Oliver hosts a dinner where he presents the reality of battery hens and compares the welfare conditions of chickens in intensive farming and those in the free range. He exhibits live in front of his guests by use of films, interviews and actual demonstrations the key aspects of chicken and egg production, including how chickens and their chicks are killed.
This ongoing campaign gained the support of other animal rights campaigns such as Kentucky Fried Cruelty of PETA in its challenge to the people to think wisely before eating. You can learn more about his campaign on a micro site located on his site.

Jamie Saves Our Bacon
Following Jamie’s Fowl Dinners is a close investigation of Jamie Oliver on the British pork and pig farming in UK and EU, where he looks into the whole process of a piglet reaching our plates, right from its birth to slaughter and on to the supermarket shelves.
Jamie Saves Our Bacon is an ongoing campaign to save the pork by presenting why it is still the best and how come British pig farmers are disappearing and pork production is under threat. Moreover, with the help of the industry concerned, from producers to merchants, he gets to show his audience how pigs have been raised to suit the demand for lean meat and make the most of the variety pork cuts.
Jamie Saves Our Bacon was part of Channel 4’s British Food Fight Season and the 90-minute episode aired on 29 January 2009 in the UK. Learn more of his campaign to save the pork on a micro site on his website where all the key issues regarding animal welfare and the British farmer are discussed.

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5 comments to Jamie Oliver’s TV Shows, Part 4

  • This article is very nice to read. It is amusing to know reading that about chicken and egg production, including how chickens and their chicks are killed. Ii is interesting to note that the ongoing campaign gained the support of other animal rights campaigns

  • Pox

    Wow, how in the world do you get this many TV shows? You think they would have given someone else a shot. That being said, I’ve seen a few of Jamie’s shows and he is really good at what he does. Hopefully his campaign to get kids healthier will work- It’s kind of sad to see how out of shape these kids are or to see their bad eating habits. It really touches home to me because I used to be rather large, but lost a lot of weight and kept it off.

  • sahfeeequ

    this article is giving very relevant ideas about this TV show.
    I think there are many of these tip of video programs, but they can’t mention the helpful ideas to society. this is very helpful to arrange a model kitchen.

  • mahfuz

    wow this is very informative article about tv show. they have many video shows programs.i like it very much. it is very helpful.

  • ranjeet

    this blog is very intresting. and this blog is very usefull for me. and this tv show is amazing . i read many comments on this shows.

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