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Jamie Oliver's TV Shows, Part 5

Jamie’s American Road Trip
American food has always been known for burgers, fries, and steak. However, he proves this wrong by setting off on a culinary adventure of a lifetime as he travels around the USA on this six-part series. He discovers the diversity and real taste of American food from cowboys to alligator hunters, and ex-gang members to high-society ladies he meets in his road trip. Jamie’s American Road Trip is a show to give American food a whole new look.
Jamie’s American Road Trip first aired on Channel 4 in autumn of 2009. Each episode gives him a chance to explore the food, local hangouts, and people of the places he visited such as East Los Angeles, Wyoming, New York, Louisiana, and Georgia. He even get to meet the Navajo Indians in Arizona where he learns about the struggles the natives are experiencing in preserving their culture in the 21st century.
Along the way, Oliver shares the most amazing meals he has eaten, cooked by unsung heroes who care about their way of life. This epic journey as Oliver describes made him never to think of America in the same way again.

Jamie’s Family Christmas
Jamie’s Christmas Specials have always shared cooking tips and for a hassle-free Christmas feast and Jamie’s Family Christmas gives out more of Jamie Oliver’s secrets a week before Christmas.
Jamie’s Family Christmas is a series of five 30-minute programs, which first aired on Channel 4 in December 15 2009. The show features both traditional and new Christmas dishes including everything from a luscious turkey to party food and drink. The show was filmed at Oliver’s Essex home and with each of his family member helping him out with the preparation of his recipes.
Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to prepare as much as one can before Christmas day by revealing his own secrets for stress-free family festivities.

Jamie’s Food Revolution
Although Jamie Oliver enjoyed his American Road Trip in 2009, he goes to Huntington, West Virginia to start the Food Revolution in the local community. Jamie’s Food Revolution is a series airing on ABC in the United States that features Jamie Oliver’s campaign as he tries to help the people fight obesity by introducing balanced meals and cooking with fresh ingredients.
Jamie’s Food Revolution first season was filmed at Huntington because of its title as the unhealthiest city in America. Jamie Oliver found Huntington as a good template for transforming the entire country by trying to curb obesity locally that eventually could start a chain reaction nationwide.
As a heath campaigner and celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has gained success and support from at least two of his shows in UK with similar concepts, Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Jamie’s School Dinners. These UK series were loosely the basis of his series Jamie’s Food Revolution. You can join his Food Revolution through a micro site in his website.

Jamie Does
Jamie Does… follows the success of Jamie’s American Road Trip in its culinary expedition across Europe and North Africa. The series has six 49-minute episodes aired on Channel 4. Each episode features Jamie Oliver’s excitement as he meets the locals and cooks some of their country’s most celebrated dishes. On his site, was a detailed diary of each of his travels in Marrakesh, Andalucía, Stockholm, Venice, the French Pyrenees, and Athens. On the site, he shares the recipes and a city guide for travelers and culinary enthusiasts out there.

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5 comments to Jamie Oliver’s TV Shows, Part 5

  • Jamie Oliver Pukka Tukka

    […] Jamie Oliver’s TV Shows, Part 5 […]

  • I really enjoy reading about Jamie and all his travels.
    I really wish I could go to some of those awesome places.
    Did I mention he makes the best food ever!

  • Madhavan

    I’m very much interested on food related blogs and tv serial. I’m very eager to watch the Jamie Oliver’s TV Shows. Thanks for the information.

  • Vijay Kumar

    Its really interesting to read the article. I love to watch Jamie Oliver’s TV show. The different types of Christmas dishes mentioned in the article are nice. Thanks for the share..

  • vignesh

    I really enjoyed reading about jamie and his travels and interesting too.Now i’m very eager to watch the Jamie Oliver’s TV Shows.In the article there are different dishes mentioned that are really superb.Thanks for the information.

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