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Jamie Oliver’s Scandals and Newsworthy Events

Jamie Oliver in the News

Jamie Oliver has been in a number of controversies and intrigues ever since he started his career as a celebrity chef. And now that he’s one of the most famous Chef worldwide, we can find bits of news and gossip about him almost every day. Here are just some of the news stories and gossip about Jamie Oliver that caught my attention.

Jamie Oliver ranks 28th in a poll of 100 Worst Britons
In 2003, Channel 4 conducted an online poll to find out the 100 Worst Britons We Love To Hate where Jamie Oliver joins in rank 28. The poll was like a response to the BBC series 100 Greatest Britons. The nominees for this poll according to the rules had to be British, alive, and not currently in prison or pending trial. However, an adequate number of respondents ignored the rules that a fictional character, Harry Potter and a rock band, Atomic Kitten join the list.


Two girls gossiping about Jamie Oliver's scandals

Anyway, as for Jamie Oliver who ranked 28th in the poll, there should be no wonder how a cheeky-choppy chef like him should be in the poll. He’s been loved and hated ever since he started in this business and as much as his fans would like to defend him, the reality remains true that we cannot please everybody. However, I think the poll should have been given some serious efforts to prevent people from voting multiple times. Who knows, some people could have taken things like that personally. Whatever made Jamie Oliver in the top 28th rank, the results surely have made him even more popular.

Jamie Oliver “Bares All” in 2004 Calendar

In November 2003, there had been an internet gossip regarding a photograph claiming to show the cover of a new Jamie Oliver calendar for 2004 because, in the words of Sun columnist Ian King, “people thought the Naked Chef was showing off a whopping French stick between his legs.”
The photo appeared in the online catalog of Boots, a UK health and beauty retailer which its spokesman reportedly said that the photo “did look rather obscene.” According to The Sun, the offending object was simply a brown paper bag distorted by digital rendering.

This is one scandal I can say that is made by those who must have hated him big time at that time or just someone who is fond of bringing some foolishness on other people’s lives. Anyway, at least Jamie’s team or Boot’s were able to cover up the terrible photo. I’ve seen the photo and I could quite agree that “it was rather obscene” for the pose making it easier for digital editing create the hoax on it.

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