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Jamie Oliver and Sainsburys

Jamie Oliver has been the public face of Sainsburys for a decade now, appearing on television commercials and radio advertisements, as well as in-store promo materials. Their working relationship has always been a topic to many commentaries from admirers and haters alike. I think this started because of the controversial Sainsburys deal that earns Jamie Oliver an estimated £1.2 million every year. According to news and some sources, the first two years of Jamie Olivers Sainsbury’s advertisements are estimated to have given the supermarket an additional £1 billion of sales or £200 million gross profit.

Naked Chef Jamie Oliver vs. Former Two Fat Ladies Star Dickson-Wright
When the Sainsburys endorsement began, Jamie Oliver has faced controversies already by getting shamed by fellow celebrity chef, Clarissa Dickson Wright into admitting his dislike for supermarket produce, according to The Times. Former Two Fat Ladies star Dickson Wright, attacked Oliver at the launch of BBC2’s autumn schedule. Oliver admitted he did not use Sainsburys food at his restaurant Monte, in Knightsbridge, London. He even said that “For any chef, supermarkets are like a factory. I buy from specialist growers, organic suppliers and farmers.”
A similar instance occurred in 2003, when Dickson-Wright also called Oliver a “whore” for endorsing Sainsbury’s Scottish farmed salmon and accused him of “selling his soul” to the company.

BBC and Sainsburys Don’t Match
The Sainsburys advertisements also got in the way with BBC and Oliver in 2002 where BBC broke off the deal with the Naked Chef star regarding a new show he had tried to negotiate, Oliver’s Army, which would have seen him train a number of unemployed young people in a London restaurant.

BBC said in a statement that the deal with Oliver was not reached. BBC producer guidelines disapprove of on-screen personalities becoming too closely involved with commercial tie-ins such as advertising deals. At that time, Oliver’s mother, father and grandmother had joined him and his wife Jules in the advertisements. A statement from the BBC said: “The BBC has today withdrawn from negotiations for a new series with Jamie Oliver, after being unable to agree terms.

Nevertheless, BBC and Jamie Oliver have maintained a good relationship after that.

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