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Oliver Versus Ramsay – part 2

Oliver & Ramsay – Equally matched?

When it comes to Ramsay’s cooking, well, he truly deserves some respect there because of the Michelin stars he has already earned and the training he had with the some of the best chefs worldwide including White. On the other hand Oliver, as we all know, still hasn’t received any Michelin star yet to date. However, what sets Oliver apart from chefs like Ramsay and his teacher Marco Pierre-White, is his sincere simplicity and charm.

So, even though he doesn’t have those Michelin stars yet, he’s making money and what we mean by money is that – he’s also topped the Rich List just as the Michelin star awardee Ramsay had. Note that their wealth and fortune have also taken part in their rivalry. In 2006, Ramsay topped the Chef Rich List, with his fortune of £67 million while Oliver next to him had £58 million. However, according to The Sunday Times Rich List released earlier this year, Jamie Oliver remains in the top 2000 ranking at 1,348th while Ramsay drops out of the list. If the list was right, then when it comes to fortune, charming Oliver seems to have the upper hand over Ramsay.

Moving on, let’s talk about giving and taking part in charitable events organizations. Both chefs support CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. However, Oliver has his own campaigns and in he’s even on the Giving List of charitable donors at No 22. According to the list, Oliver gave out donations worth £2.7, which is equivalent to 4.2% of his wealth. It seems like Jamie Oliver is more generous than Gordon Ramsay and well, a better restaurateur. Lately, some of Ramsay’s restaurants closed down, while Oliver continues to expand his business in the face of credit crunch.
Education for some say is the key to some people’s success. But for these chefs training and skills are more helpful than that. Ramsay started as football player when he was 9 but because of an injury he went back to college to complete a course in hotel management. While Oliver, being dyslexic, at 16 he enrolled in a cooking school program at Westminster-Kingsway College instead of pursuing an academic course. So if we look closely of their education and today’s success, how is it possible that a college graduate of hotel management failed to keep some of his restaurants working while Oliver who did not go through that kind of training was able to make it with his businesses even at the toughest times? Somebody has to start checking his notes.

Now, let’s talk about family. Oliver grew up in a middle-class family, with his parents having their own pub in Essex while Ramsay on the other hand, had a quite difficult childhood especially with his parents who were then an alcoholic father with multiple jobs and an abused mother. Oliver who seems to have experienced a nice childhood made him who he is now, a charming, cheeky choppy and fun-loving chef who has a big heart and hands that are always ready to help. With regards to Ramsay, we cannot blame him for having such a dreadful stage in life which would seem to be like hell for anyone of us. Coming out of that appalling scene and garnering success afterwards are something that we could admire Ramsay for. But, I guess that stage in his life has to do with his unstoppable swearing in his shows. As we know, family molds a person’s character. Oliver was molded with love and understanding, while Ramsay, who had to run away from home, was somehow molded with violence and frustration which explains why they are loved and hated by people now.

Equally matched or not, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay would have to continue their rivalry until one of them admits who’s who and who’s not especially now that Ramsay has told his plans to open a restaurant in London’s financial district in the One New Change development where Oliver has also announced plans to open a barbecue eatery in late October and is teaming up with New York chef Adam Perry-Lang. We’ll just have to see whose restaurant will make it at the heart of London.

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