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The Music of Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s Music

Jamie Oliver during his teenage years must have been just like any other lad. He likes music. Well, maybe not just that, it may have been his second favorite next to cooking. We’ve heard him sing and play drums for his TV shows with his band Scarlet Division that we can perfectly say that Jamie Oliver is indeed one talented chef.
Oliver along with his friend Leigh Haggerwood formed the band Scarlet Division at the age of 13 in 1989 and since then Oliver has been on the drums, Leigh on keyboards, Louise Brannan on vocals, and Andy Baker on guitars. The height of Jamie’s music career must have been the 90’s where they’ve played many gigs throughout UK until he got discovered by Patricia Llewellyn, the TV producer that led him to the success of his first love, cooking. The band performed in one episode and soon after, Sony Music signed them a contract. Though their song Sundial reached a 42 spot on the charts, it wasn’t enough to stay on the music business for Oliver so he was advised to quit the band and so did the other members.

But if you’ve watched all of Oliver’s shows, perhaps you can remember the Oliver’s Twist theme song, “Just the Start” which was written by Leigh Haggerwood that eventually gave way for the band to get back together and play some more music. The song is said to be one of the most requested theme tunes of all time. Another song written by Haggerwood that was also used in one of Oliver’s Twist episodes is “The Kiss of Summer” which has never been released and only available for download.

During his live shows in one of his tours, the Happy Days Tour Live, you must have heard him sing the Lamb Curry song entitled, “Lamb Curry – Give it to me hot!” which became a YouTube hit too. But if you prefer white meat, you would have probably enjoyed the song Oliver sang during his live shows in Sydney, Melbourne, and Germany, “Fish Stew” which was featured in his TV show Jamie Oliver: Australian Diary where he easily taught viewers and listeners how to cook fish stew with just a simple song that was very easy to remember. These songs may sound funny at first or unimaginable but Oliver was able to showcase his talents by cooking and making music at the same time.

Now, that Oliver’s not just a TV personality, the band continues to play but not on gigs anymore. Nevertheless, we can expect to hear some more music from Jamie Oliver’s band when he has new shows.

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