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When Jamie Oliver’s Not Cooking

When Jamie Oliver’s Not Cooking

Through his simple home-style cooking, Jamie Oliver was known as the Naked Chef and until now, it seems like no one can surpass what he has achieved so far.

But what does our pukka tukka chef do when he’s not cooking in his kitchen? Well, Oliver is still young and seems to have a happy life despite having a hectic schedule. His responsibilities may be uncountable when it comes to his businesses, restaurants, and his production company, but he has remained grounded and connected to his family, friends, and fans. One of the things he does when he’s not cooking is updating his sites as well as his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you check his website, you can see that he tries his very best to communicate to his fans. He regularly updates his blog, forum posts, and shares his most recent activities. He makes an effort to be transparent through blogging and tweeting yet still preserve his family’s privacy. Nevertheless, fans love him for that and for who he is and supports him in all his endeavors even if it’s not about his cooking anymore.

One of Oliver’s activities outside the kitchen would be gardening. In his Essex home, he has a garden full of fresh and organic vegetables and plants from which he gets his ingredients for his home-style cooking. He has shared his garden many times in some of his TV shows and also introduced his faithful gardener. As the Naked Chef, Oliver strives to remain consistent to his cooking principles that even he’s got all the money to buy ingredients from the market or get them free at Sainsbury’s, he keeps his own garden to show the people how convenient and healthy it is to use fresh ingredients when cooking.

Because of his health-inspired interests and hobbies, Oliver has led us to a Food Revolution, which is inspired by his other advocacies and charity works. He’s been involved with several charitable groups and even founded his own organization. His Fifteen Restaurants are the products of his Fifteen Foundation which helps less fortunate youth become successful in the food industry. Other charity works Oliver has supported include CAFOD, Comic Relief, Prince’s Trust, Rays of Sunshine, and RSPCA. So when he’s not at home or at his kitchen, he must be doing some charity work or he’s on a campaign for his Food Revolution.

Above all, I can probably say that Jamie Oliver’s most favorite past time when he’s not cooking is when he’s home during the weekends when he can play with his children and enjoy his fatherhood. According to his blog posts, because of his very busy schedule he always tries to take the weekend off with his family and on to their Essex home so they can still spend time at least once or twice a week.

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