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Jamie Oliver’s Childhood: The Making of the Pukka Chef

Jamie Oliver’s Childhood: The Making of the Pukka Chef

James Trevor “Jamie” Oliver is well known as the Naked Chef. He was labeled as such not because he is a nude chef but because his specialty is stripping food to its bare essentials with no pretensions and no chef talk. To find out more about why he is that way, let’s take a look at what his childhood was like.

May 27, 1975 marks the day when one of the greatest chefs on earth was born. This happened in Clavering, Essex, England. Jamie was born to Trevy and Sally Oliver, owners of The Cricketers, a pub and restaurant at the same time.
As a young child, Jamie’s love for food and cooking was seen not only by his family, but also by the staff working at their restaurant. He was always with his mom and dad, and he wanted to work with them with preparing food and cooking. At their restaurant, he loved working with the staff, especially at the kitchen. The chefs were amazed by his desire to help them, so they gave him little tasks when he was about seven or eight years old. He was asked to peel potatoes, deal with pea pods, and other simple things that a child can do. He was already an expert with cutting and chopping vegetables when he was eleven, and he did a huge help with the kitchen stuff of their restaurant.

A lot of people, especially young boys during Jamie’s younger years thought that cooking and kitchen work were for girls. However, he thought otherwise, for this is a job that he simply loved. He was actually thought of as weird by his schoolmates because of what he did, but he did not really care about that. He grew up with men who are very good cooks such as his father and the workers in their restaurant, so he felt like this is a manly thing to do. In fact, the days that he spent with their chefs were the days that he enjoyed the most when he was still a child. They made him feel like he belonged there, and that made him feel like a real grown-up.

Jamie was an easy child to feed, for almost everything that was given to him was consumed. He was not selective on what he wanted to eat, and he always wanted to try out something new. When he sees unusual foods that are prepared in their kitchen, he has this certain desire to try that out, even if he does not know what it’s made of. Since he was always hanging out in their restaurant, he got the chance of having his desires satisfied, eating almost every food that they served.

His skills in commercial food started out even when he was still young. He spent almost every day in their restaurant, particularly in their kitchen, so he learned the ins and outs of being a chef. When he was 16 already, he decided that he wanted to be a chef, so he went to study at Westminster Catering College. That did a jumpstart with his career, until he became the person that he is now.

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