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Jamie Oliver’s Favorite Stuff

Jamie Oliver may be able to cook anything that is placed in front of him, but there are two types of foods that he calls his real passion – these are pasta and bread making. Yes, he does have a lot of recipes to share, but these two are the ones that he certainly loves to make. He refers to pasta as a “cooking foundation” wherein you will not just get a delicious meal from it but also a healthy one. Bread, on the other hand, is one of the cheapest foods that you can make, without the need for too much ingredients and processes. Also, he says that when you make bread, it is the best way of getting your kids involved with cooking, which would be so much fun for a family activity. This way, you can unravel your kids’ potentials even at an early age.

Other than cooking, one of the favorite things that Jamie loves to do is playing the drums. Back when he was in high school, he formed a band together with his friends and they called it Scarlet Division. Together, the performed gigs throughout the UK during the 1990’s. Their music style is a combination of Catatonia and Texas, but they have a harder edge, making their band peculiar from the mentioned two. Catatonia is a band that played alternative rock music from the 1980’s but they delivered it in an Indie style. Texas on the other hand is another rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, and is more of concentrating on pure rock music. So basing on that information, you know now what kind of music Jamie and his band mates did.

Jamie does not merely listen to his band’s own songs however for there are other artists that he admires as well. As much as he loves rock music, he also has a mellow side that makes him love other music genres as well. One of his favorites is Turin Brakes, a modern folk duo from Balham London. Turin Brakes has a different sound every time they make a record, from an acoustic sound to a funky music, so that’s the reason why Jamie loves them so much. Another of his favorite bands is Jamiroquai, a British jazz funk and acid jazz band. Just like Turin Brakes, this band does not concentrate on making jazz melody, for they also recorded pop, rock and electronica music. And last of his favorite bands is Coldpay, and English alternative rock band. He certainly loves listening to the deep voice of Chris Martin and the amazing instrumentals of the other band members.

If you see Jamie in London, you would usually see him in his motorbike, for this is the one that he often uses for transportation. Of course, when he is with his family, he has to drive a car. But when he is alone and whenever he gets the chance, he loves to travel in his beloved motorbike. He claims it is easier to drive, and is much more convenient when he travels alone. Not only is it flexible but he gets the chance to feel the rush of the wind while driving.

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