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What I hate about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook

So I like to browse my cookbooks every so often, looking for something good to make, and I noticed that in the Food Revolution Cookbook, there were a couple things that really aggravate me.

1. Onions – I live in the middle of nowhere California, and even here, we always have at least three different kinds of onions. Would it kill you to at least describe the color of your onions in your recipes? Here, my choices are yellow, red, and white onions, also scallions/green onions, leeks, and the occasional Vidalia sweet onion.

2. Same thing goes for potatoes – just name the potato please. It can’t be that hard. We have golden yukon, Idaho Russet, red boiling potatoes, and sometimes purple potatoes

3. The entire veggie recipe section isn’t laid out like the rest of the book. The ingredients are all sort of written in one long paragraph with instructions

4. The page numbers are completely missing from the veggie section too – is that some kind of weird British thing where they try to hide the veggies and make them difficult to reference?

Now that I have all my whining out of the way, I feel much better 😀

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1 comment to What I hate about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook

  • oof

    He’s a conceited, narcissistic blubber-monkey. I reckon if you could see inside his head you’d find a Mars Bar spinning on a block of lard. I hate every inch of him.

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