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Ina Garten Snubs 6 year old leukemia patient – update

From The Hollywood Reporter

There’s clearly any number of reasons for not seeing, being able to see, or not wanting to see this child and make his wish come true. However, none of those reasons are being given.

No is not a sufficient answer.

Invite the kid to where you’ll be, send him something personal, make some kind of an effort – or explain why that is not possible or desirable.

Explain to us why this is a bad idea or impossible.

My guess is that Ina herself had nothing to do with this, and if that is indeed the case, then her PR person should be fired and some explanations need to be given.

I could understand not being able to make all of Enzo’s wishes come true, and even if, as reported elsewhere, his mother is batty, I think there is room to make Enzo’s make-a-wish dream come true – if only partially.

Otherwise, we have no other recourse than to believe that Ina Garten just doesn’t give a shit.

And that would just be a terrible shame.

So, I challenge Ina Garten.

As a parent of a child who has medical issues – explain AND justify your actions or prepare to feel the icy blast of hatred and apathy for your show(s) that was previously reserved for people like Ted Haggard or Ted Bundy.

There are no reasons for this kind of attitude, however there may be excuses. I for one, would like to hear the reasoning behind these actions, the apology for these actions, and the outcome for Enzo.

I challenge Ina Garten to explain her actions, and then spend the rest of her life making up for them.

I urge everyone who reads this blog to write to Foodtv.com at this link:

Give them your opinion of the situation. Tell them you demand justice.

I really feel that the so called privileged of the world have taken their places for granted for too long. At some point they need to give back to humanity for the benefits they have received.

This is of course in stark contrast to the actions of Jamie Oliver, who has done more for the nutrition of our children both in England and in the US than the actual governmental entities who have been tasked with that very job.

What kind of a world are we living it???


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1 comment to Ina Garten Snubs 6 year old leukemia patient – update

  • den


    Or maybe the mother is shamelessly using this child to gain access to HER favorite celebrity. Sure, it is remotely possible that a 6 year old knows or cares about a tv chef, but it seems to stretch believability. Further, since when are people, and that includes celebrities, at the beck and call of all who reach out to them? When does a request become a demand and how did someone’s free will choice become a requirement to act? The tirade of hate expressed here is unwarranted and over the top. No one knows for sure if this story is true and no details are known but still we have this extreme loathing, scathing criticism and demand for others to feel this way. Why? “Rage against the machine? What machine? Civility ?

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