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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution – I think I found a loophole

I was finally able to watch the second episode of Food Revolution Season 2, and while it started off slow, with Jamie and some volunteers dressed up as vegetables, it quickly progressed into Jamie getting a bit of access to one school.

This was clearly not the way that Jamie would prefer to work, but having worked in a school district myself, I can see how things will likely progress more slowly than anyone would like, let alone Jamie Oliver.

The part with the girl talking about her family having diabetes was touching, and the part where Jamie tried to take over the hamburger place was pretty funny, though again Jamie managed to prevail.

I also thought it was funny that one of his girls told him to try and not get arrested the day that the LAUSD threatened to have the police restrain him if he went back to the school that he started teaching at.

All in all, a great episode, and I look ever forward to finding out more about how things turn out!

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