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Food Revolution Day, May 16, 2014

Jamie Oliver has relaunched his food revolution website, in celebration of Friday, May 16ths Food Revolution Day located at the link below:

Food Revolution Day

Jamie Oliver also wants people to tweet their Food Revolution plans using hashtag #FRD2014 so if you’re planning a Food Revolution event, or just making a nice fresh dinner at home on Friday, May 16th, tweet your pictures of your family and friends cooking and Jamie Oliver might even comment on them!

In any case, Food Revolution Day – Friday, May 16th, 2014 is a great excuse to revisit your dedication to fresh, real foods, as well as home cooking with friends and family.

Since May in America is usually accompanied by nice warm weather, we are planning a cookout with tritip, some bacon wrapped asparagus (bacon makes everything better) and some corn on the cob with jalapeno butter. Maybe we will have the whole family help out in baking an apple pie. Doesn’t get much more stereo-typically American than that!

Monkey Meat – aka Marinated Spicy Tri-tip
My better half calls this recipe Monkey Meat..not really sure why. Might be a childhood thing…
Cut tri-tip into 1.5 inch or 4cm strips – across the grain

Place in 1 gallon zip top bag along with:
1 Cup soy sauce
1/4 Cup red pepper flakes

Marinate in refrigerator overnight or at least 4 hours.

Grill over charcoal or wood fire for 8-10 min, or to desired doneness. I like to grill mine over indirect heat so it takes a bit longer than if you throw it right on the fire.

Serve with grilled corn, bacon wrapped asparagus or your favorite grilled side

More recipes coming soon!

Let a great Food Revolution Day happen!

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