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What I hate about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook

So I like to browse my cookbooks every so often, looking for something good to make, and I noticed that in the Food Revolution Cookbook, there were a couple things that really aggravate me.

1. Onions – I live in the middle of nowhere California, and even here, we always have at least three […]

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Pesto and Bruschetta

I was at Trader Joes the other day, and while I’m there I typically get basil and goat cheese, even if I have nothing planned. I like to make pesto, and I like to make bruschetta, and a couple years ago, my better half told me that she had bruschetta once that had goat cheese […]

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Jamie’s Italy

I had a brilliant idea a while ago. I thought I’d check out our local online library system to see if they might be a quick resource to take a look at some Jamie Oliver books. Apparently everyone else in the town that I live in had the same idea – every book and dvd […]

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